The Most Interesting Toys of 2016

Before we begin our list of the most interesting toys of 2016, we want to be clear that this list contains not video games, nor electronic gadgets, nor even electronic games like Catch Phrase or the popular smartphone game, Heads Up. Instead, we’re giving a nod to the OT (That’s Original Toys) and presenting our list of the most interesting physical toys of 2016. And while we might not have designed all of these (we wish, we’d be billionaires on an island somewhere if we had), we do carry them in our Toy Munkey store, and we sell them online as well.

Keychain Secret Boxes

Everyone seems to be on the move these days, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your toys behind. One of the most interesting toys we’ve seen this year comes in the form of keychain secret boxes, which are puzzles that you can attach to your keychain and try to solve as you’re out and about. Riding on the train? Out at the bar? Try your hand at solving a keychain secret box. This also has the added benefit of being a conversation starter.

Reboots of Nostalgic Toys

Nostalgia is so in right now, and that’s one of the reasons we’ve seen so many reboots of classic toys that harken back to a simpler time. We’ve seen everything from a revamped slinky, hipster alphabet blocks, or the quintessential Lincoln logs. A bonus for any parent looking to pick up one of these toys – they might inspire you to play more with your child as you remember your well-spent youth.

Adult Coloring Books

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last several months, you’ve probably heard of adult coloring books. What began as a tool used by therapists to relieve stress and help foster focus and inner peace has become a favorite pastime for a large contingent of the general population. Don’t believe us? Just type “adult coloring book” into Amazon and count the results. And now there are themed coloring books for your favorite TV shows, curse word coloring books, and ones that are centered around certain animals, patterns, or professions.

Maze Balls

Another tactile and addicting toy that we think was one of the most interesting to come out of 2016 was the maze ball. These were plastic balls that came in easy, medium, and hard – where the inside was a maze with a small silver ball that you had to guide through the path to the hole – and a plastic shell covered the ball, so you could twist and watch your progress – or become frustrated as the ball ricocheted far from where you wanted it to go. This is the modern twist to the classic ball and maze game, made so much more difficult in a spherical shape.

Moving-Head Dragons

If you attended the traveling Renaissance Faire this year, you might have seen these moving-head dragons, which were all the “roar” at the Faire. Handcrafted and beautiful works of art, these dragons’ heads and bodies were rigged to move via wired buttons. Eyes could blink, heads could swivel, tails could swish. You attached one to your shoulder, weaved the wire underneath your tunic and presto – moving companion dragon all set to go.

What were you favorite or most interesting toys of 2016? Let us know, we know there were so many more out there, and we love talking toys!